Wood is a Strong Performer in Pools and Ice Arenas

Guildford Aquatic Centre, Surrey, B.C. | Photo: Ema Peter Photography

Wood is a natural choice for constructing indoor swimming pools and ice arenas.

An effective insulator with a warm aesthetic, wood is particularly well suited to the demanding atmospheres of swimming pools — as well as ice rinks in arenas. Wood tolerates high levels of humidity, offers acoustic and thermal benefits, and absorbs and releases water vapour without compromising its structural integrity.

Indoor pool design has evolved to include ample use of natural light and bold, innovative uses of B.C. wood from sustainably managed forests.

Darryl Condon and his firm HCMA Architecture + Design have been using wood prominently in aquatic facilities throughout B.C.

“We have long recognized the inherent benefits of utilizing wood in indoor swimming pools; wood is a great solution to the challenges of chlorine and humidity,” he said. “It’s been a material of choice for all our recent aquatic facilities.”

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