Wood Innovation in Emerging Building Systems

Brock Commons Tallwood House, Construction Phase | KK Law

Four case studies and architectural drawings that provide solutions to common issues in mass-timber building design are now available for download in PDF and Revit. Recognizing there is a need to support early adopters and foster the uptake of mass-timber buildings, these case studies will make it easier for specifiers and engineers to incorporate emerging building system methods into their practice.

This phased project consisted of preliminary research, a workshop involving industry leaders and the resulting design solutions which are summarized in the Emerging Building Systems and Wood Innovation report.

The case studies were developed through a collaborative process between architecture, engineering and construction leaders in B.C., where the technical and regulatory issues that arise when applying innovations in mass-timber building design were explored.

Design solutions to common problems were developed into diagrams, drawings and key project considerations to help overcome barriers to mass timber adoption. The conceptual examples include mixed-use residential in Vancouver, multi-tenant office in Victoria, seniors housing in Surrey and commercial mixed-use with supermarket in Vancouver.

Learn more about the case studies, including access to download the free architectural drawings