Surrey Memorial Hospital Emergency Department And Critical Care Tower

Surrey Memorial Hospital Emergency Department and Critical Care Tower, B.C. | Photo: Ed White Photographics

Project Overview

Visiting a hospital can be a stressful experience, so when the British Columbia Ministry of Health was designing the Surrey Memorial Hospital expansion, the architects were asked to come up with a warm, natural facility that would also meet rigorous building performance demands.

To achieve these ends, the design used wood in structural and decorative components. The lobby features exposed wood and provides a sense of calm for all in a stressful environment. Wood use throughout the public areas of the hospital expansion reinforces the connection to nature, helping to reduce stress and anxiety for both visitors and patients.

Wood Details

A Comfortable, Healing Environment

The hospital’s new lobby features exposed structural timbers, panelling, and millwork, creating the impression the ceiling is being held up by trees. Wood provides a tangible connection to nature and the outdoors, and offers an aesthetic appeal unmatched by other building materials. Research by the University of British Columbia and FPInnovations found wood interiors reduce stress by creating a comforting, supportive and healing environment.

Wood Finishes: Healthy And Healing

Wood products and finishes used for the millwork, interior walls and acoustic paneling in the hospital help to control air-borne contaminants because they are easy to maintain, dust-free after installation, and emit few, if any, harmful vapours.

Modern Wood Products: Efficient And Effective

Surrey Memorial’s roof was made with prefabricated panels designed to achieve long spans with minimum connections. Wood was used for exterior soffits and, in composite form, for some of the cladding and exterior walls.

Natural Choice, Clear Benefits

Surrey Memorial used wood for canopies and cladding because it responds well to rigorous maintenance procedures, resists weather and UV damage, and looks fantastic. Wood is a natural choice for sustainable building construction; wood-based building designs have a lower energy and carbon footprint.

“The use of exposed wood in a project is one of the ways that we can improve conditions for our patients. Wood conveys a sense of warmth and comfort that supports the healing environment and improves the overall patient experience.”

Peter Goldthorpe, Vice President Capital ProjectsReal Estate & Facilties, Fraser Health Providence Health Care