Mountain Equipment Co-op Head Office

KK Law

Project Overview

When Canada’s leading retailer of outdoor gear set out to construct a new head office, they chose wood as the primary building material for its performance, renewability, and aesthetic qualities.

Wood Use

The four-storey headquarters, situated in Vancouver’s burgeoning high-tech hub of False Creek Flats, is constructed using nail-laminated timber (NLT), a simple yet economical construction technology that’s been used in commercial buildings for over 150 years. The building’s floor assemblies are made of modular, prefabricated NLT panels, a cost-effective way to incorporate an abundance of wood into the office’s design.

The use of glass and an open space plan makes wood visible from any vantage point, emphasizing the warmth and beauty of the timber construction. Interior Douglas-fir millwork screens offer an inviting alternative to traditional office cubicles.

KK Law