Building of the Month – Radium Hot Springs Community Hall & Library

Radium Hot Springs Community Hall & Library

Project Description

Located next to the Kootenay National Park, The Village of Radium Hot Springs sits in a forested valley. The region also has many talented woodworkers. When Village leaders decided to build a new community hall and library, they knew the project presented the perfect opportunity to showcase wood. The resulting hall has become a centerpiece for the municipality, completely revitalizing the community meeting space.

After evaluating their options, the team made a bold choice. This community hall is one of the first public buildings in British Columbia to be built using dowel laminated timber (DLT). DLT is manufactured by using wooden dowels to connect pre-milled dimension lumber boards, creating a panel which works well for horizontal spans like the roof structure.

Wood Use

The Radium Hot Springs Community Hall and Library was built using an innovative DLT roof structure supported by glue laminated timber (glulam) beams and columns. The exterior was clad with a unique charred wood siding product. Prefabricated DLT panels, 1.2 metres wide and up to 6 metres long, were constructed using alternating laminations of 2 by 4 and 2 by 6 dimension lumber and then left exposed to the space below, giving the ceilings a variegated texture.

Photo courtesy of Urban Arts Architecture


“Our use of wood helps the interior beauty of this unique building really stand out. The project revitalised our community meeting space and turned this community hall into a centrepiece project for the municipality. We’ve had tremendous buy-in from the residents of Radium as well as from our wood suppliers who came together on this.”
Arne Dohlen, Director of Planning and Development Services
Village of Radium Hot Springs