Abbotsford Senior Secondary School

Abbotsford Senior Secondary School | Photo: Aaron Millar/ CHP Architects

Project Overview

The City of Abbotsford is located in the Fraser Valley east of Vancouver, British Columbia. In the 60 years that elapsed between the establishment of the original Abbotsford Secondary School in 1952 and the completion of this rehabilitation and replacement project in 2012, Abbotsford grew from a village of fewer than 1,000 inhabitants to a city of more than 125,000. Originally located in the village, Abbotsford Senior Secondary is now at the heart of the city. As such, the Abbotsford School Board saw the renewal of the school as an opportunity to enhance its role as an educational and cultural hub for the greater community.

Wood Use

In keeping with current practice in school design throughout British Columbia, significant amounts of wood are featured in both structural and non-structural applications. The use of wood draws its inspiration from the detailing of the 3.6-metre deep roof trusses previously hidden above the suspended ceiling of the gymnasium and exposed during the renovation work. Glue-laminated timber beams and purlins, timber decking for the roof, exterior heavy timber loggia, accent beams, and wood panels and grids are used throughout.

Aaron Millar/ CHP Architects

The rotunda is such a great space for kids to learn in.

Lance McDonald, Principal Abbotsford Senior Secondary School